Flickr2GWToolset is a simple web application for transferring Flickr images to Wikimedia Commons via GWToolset. The focus is in editing metadata before uploading. Only Attribution, ShareAlike and "No known copyright restrictions" images are accepted.

Guide to batch uploading

Get XML from Flickr

What is the Flickr album number?:
What is the Flickr user id?:
Which and how many images to fetch? (0 is first) from to

Your XML:


Batch metadata tools (remember, there is NO undo!)

Field Options Help
search: replace:
overwrite whole field
Choose a field from the dropdown, copy the text you want to replace to the first textbox and write/copy the new text to the second textbox. You can also add text to empty fields (for example set the same author for all images). Overwrite -option allows you to replace all the content of the field.
search: link:
Add link
commons_title default separator: prefix: +
+ +
+ +
+ +
+ postfix:
This will be the name of the file in Commmons and it must be unique!
current separator:
Handy for historical images. See also date.
+ selected field value + Insert something to the beginning of the field and the end. For example, you can set other date this way for single year.
text after this: to field: Use for key-value pairs (in each line)
set language to: Set the language of a certain field
selected only
by regexp: to field: append cut Use regular expression to seek information and put that to a selected field. A good place to learn:
select by regexp: Use regular expression to select images
selection Toggle selection of images.
selected only
Inspect and edit fields in a compact from.

Photos and their metadata

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